How to donate

We work with all age ranges, manage several different  service models and provide varying levels of housing  support  e.g.:

  • Generic residential housing  support for young people and adults
  • Specialist residential housing support for care leavers
  • Specialist residential housing support for  families
  • Specialist first stop homeless accommodation for adults
  • General floating support for young people and adults
  • Specialist floating support for care leavers
  • Housing First model with  intensive support for young people in rural areas
  • Resettlement floating support for young people and adults leaving  residential housing support services

We also provide a range of services either  directly or in partnership with others e.g.:

  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Health Initiatives physical and mental health
  • Education, Employment and Training support
  • Financial  advice and practical assistance
  • Art Therapy  and other therapeutic tools
  • Alcohol
  • Substance Use
  • Emotional support, coping and personal resilience
  • Tenancy Sustainment Programme

All donations are used for the benefit of our Service Users for example

  • To assist with the practicalities of setting up a new home.
  • To compliment therapeutic programs such as Art and Music Therapy.
  • To provide toiletries and clothing to those in most need.
  • To provide practical assistance to those taking up employment, training or  education.

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If you are wishing to donate to a specfic project then please contact our Head Office on 0141 221 8365.