Information about the scheme

 Our Guide to Information (or publication scheme as described in law)


1.1.      Introduction

It is the statutory duty of specified public bodies to have a publication scheme.

This duty applies to Scottish housing associations, including Blue Triangle (Glasgow) Housing Association Limited.

As part of this duty, we must:

  • adopt and maintain a scheme explaining what information we publish;
  • publish information in line with our publication scheme; and
  • review our scheme from time to time.

Details about what our publication scheme covers are explained below.

Note: Our scheme must also be approved by the Scottish Information Commissioner.


1.2.      How to access our information scheme

You can access this information on our website, or at an office that is accessible to you. This information is provided free of charge.

If you want a printed copy of the information in the Information Scheme, then we apply the following charges. These charges are limited so that public access to information is promoted.

Our charges for providing any information detailed in this guide are summarised below:




No Charge

View at our office

No Charge

Print in black and white

(per side of paper)

10p per A4 sheet

20p per A3 sheet

Print in colour

(per side of paper)

20p per A4 sheet

40p per A3 sheet

CD Rom

50p per CD-ROM

Posted document/CD Rom

Postage costs may be recharged at the rate we paid to send the information to you.

Our charge is for sending information by Royal Mail First Class. 


Note: If you want information that we publish in a format other than online, then please contact us at to arrange.


1.3.      Other guidance

This section explains three main issues, namely:

  • information that we are not obliged to disclose;
  • how long information is held in our publication scheme; and
  • copyright and re-use of information.


Information that we are not obliged to disclose

We actively promote your rights to access our information. However, the law sets out information that is exempt from publishing.

Should any information that you request involve such information, we will advise you accordingly.

We must also comply with our statutory duties under relevant data protection law concerning disclosure relating to personal data.


How long do we keep information in our information scheme

We keep information in our information scheme as long as this is relevant.

If we review our policy documents, then we only publish the new version after it has been updated and approved. This is done to avoid confusion.


Copyright and re-use of information

If we hold the copyright to our published information, then you may copy and/or reproduce this without formal permission as long as: 

  • the information is copied accurately;
  • the information is not used in any misleading context or way; and
  • the source of the information is identified.

If we do not hold copyright to any published information, then we will specify this clearly on our document. Such information may be subject to copyright and any usage must comply with copyright law.

More information about copyright is available in our section below under specific guidance.


1.4.      Source of our information scheme

Our publication scheme is based on the model guidance provided by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations. This guidance has been approved by the Scottish Information Commissioner.

For further information about this scheme and freedom of information law, refer to the Scottish Information Commissioner site.

Specific guidance about copyright law and freedom of information is available here.


1.5.      Our information scheme explained

Our information scheme provides information listed under certain categories or “classes” of information.  

Classes of information


1.6.      Advice and support

Please refer to our separate section regarding advice and support options. This section also explains how we provide accessible services.