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Eric, 30, Renfrew

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Last updated: 3.34pm, by Leanne McGuire

For most of us, access to broadband, social media or even a computer seems like a necessity, for Eric it's opened up a world of opportunities.

Eric, 30, Renfrew attend a course called Keys to Learn which is run by the Glasgow Homelessness Network.

"The course runs 3 days a week for 8 weeks and enables participants to learn skills to help sustain a tenancy. Topics include computing and internet, healthy eating & cooking, budgeting, digital photography and DIY."

Eric attended the computing and internet course. He was amazed at the information he had access to on the internet and the social aspect of it. Eric realised he can achieve things if he really puts his mind to it.
Well done Eric! (pictured with his certificate in the Keys to Learn newsletter)


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