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Logan done us proud!

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Last updated: 2.27pm, by Leanne McGuire

When St Elizabeth's pupils wrote to a homeless person in our Hamilton project after reading 'Mr Stink' they were surprised when he came to visit.

After Ms Emmett met Logan Cronnie from our Hamilton project, she asked her class from St Elizabeth's Primary to write to Logan asking him what it is like to be homeless and if he would visit their school.

Following on from Logan's visit to St Elizabeth's Primary School, service users and staff were delighted to host eighteen children from primary 3/4. They enjoyed a tour, inspected Logan and Paul's rooms, painted pictures, learned about growing flowers, fruit and vegetables, and had a workshop discussing how their opinions about homeless people had changed. Before leaving, the children put on a lovely concert for us with singing, dancing, jokes and lots of talent. A great day was had by all and we look forward to growing our blossoming partnership. The children were a credit to their school and we were very proud of our young people too!!

Thanks to the school the Daily Record reported on Logan's visit.


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