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Renfrew High pupil’s presentation on homelessness wins £3,000

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Last updated: 12.02pm, by Leanne McGuire

S3 pupils from Renfrew High school chose Blue Triangle as their local grassroots charity to raise awareness for in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) which resulted in a £3,000 grant for Blue Triangle’s Renfrew project.

Earlier this year S3 pupils from Renfrew High (Sophie McGoldrick, 15 and Rebecca Dobie, 14) contacted us because they were taking part in the YPI competition and wanted to focus on the work we do in Renfrew.

‘YPI works with schools to develop students’ knowledge and skills as active and informed philanthropists, in order to help them bring about positive and lasting change in their communities.’

Students are required to choose a registered charity that helps tackle a social issue in their local community. The girls said they picked Blue Triangle because they felt the work we do is crucial in their community and we were ‘a good charity’.

They went along to our Renfrew project and met Jane Gordon (Project Manager) who they interviewed. Jane told them about how the service is delivered and who we help. The students then present ‘what we do’, ‘how we started’ and ‘why we need the money’ to a panel of judges including their Head Teacher, Mr Burke.

The presentations took place in March this year and it was a fantastic surprise for us when we saw the results announced on Twitter with Rebecca and Sophie winning the grant.

The £3,000 will go towards starter packs for service users moving into their own tenancies. The starter packs can included items such as cleaning products, pots/pans, cutlery, bedding etc. the project would also like to arrange an outing of some sort for the service users residing in the project at present.

We are extremely proud of Rebecca and Sophie for their hard work and very grateful that they chose our charity.

Having met the girls yesterday for some photos at the school, both seem to have big plans for their futures – Rebecca said she would like to pursue are career in acting as well as an evolutionary developer while Sophie would like to be an architect. We wish both girls all the best with their ambitions.

Rebecca (left) and Sophie (right) are pictured with Jane Gordon and Stuart Neillis (Stuart will be one of the first to benefit from the starter packs when he moves into his own tenancy very soon).


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