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Howdens Joinery Co.

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Last updated: 3.06pm, by Leanne McGuire

Chalmers Court, Ayr received a generous donation from the local branch of Howdens Joinery Co.

The Ayr branch of Howdens Joinery Co. presented two cheques with a combined total of £1248 to our Chalmers Court project.
The donation stemmed from the company CEO, Matthew Ingle, participating in some homeless charity work previously. The company wanted to donate to local homeless charities and chose Blue Triangle as one of those to donate to.

Pictured left to right... (Howdens Depot Manager) Russell Wyper, (Blue Triangle Project Manager) Carol Creighton, (Chalmers Court service user) Willie Reid and (Howdens Counter sales) Richard Devine.

Thank you Howdens, your donation is greatly appreciated and will be of great use to our service users.


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