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Paisley Pipers thoughtful donation

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Last updated: 12.28pm, by Leanne McGuire

After one of our service users appreciated their music, they showed their appreciation to the Paisley project with a very generous donation.

A massive thank you to Rory and Craig of The Paisley Pipers for their very kind donation of clothes and money. The lads had been busking in Paisley town centre and were approached by one of our service users who appreciated their music.
Rory and Craig offered the service user some of their takings for food but he refused and informed them that he was happy that he currently had everything he needed at Blue Triangle.
Rory and Craig, at the end of a long day busking, were complaining to each other about how cold it was and then compared themselves to our service user and the people sleeping rough in Paisley. The lads decided to donate their whole days takings to the Paisley project, which amounted to £174! What a kind and very much appreciated gesture, thank you!

(Rory and Craig pictured with Amanda, Project Manager and Mary, Project Worker)

The Paisley Pipers facebook page


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