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Tesco supports their local football star

Photos of donation and Dylan shopping - Click for larger version

Last updated: 11.49am, by Leanne McGuire

Dylan, 22, from our Shettleston project has been attending trials for the Homeless World Cup with Street Soccer recently and to support him on his journey, Tesco had a staff collection for him.

Tesco Shettleston asked their employees to show support for Dylan by donating to a collection in store. Anne McGhee started the collection that saw Dylan receive £250 to help him buy some new trainers, tracksuit bottoms, tshirts and toiletries. All things Dylan would need during his training/trials with Street Soccer.
Dylan went along to the store to collect his donation with Leanne McGuire (Marketing) and Paul Murphy (Support Worker) all pictured with Andy Punton (Tesco Store Manager).

Paul & Leanne then took Dylan to Glasgow Fort to shop for the things he needs.

Thank you to all the staff of Tesco Shettleston, you have made a big difference to one young boys life!


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